Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

Reaching greater distances and going faster than ever before, wireless networking technology has become a viable option for many businesses.
With wireless technology, you cut out all the clutter of cables you often see associated with traditional ethernet networks.
What types of wireless technology are available to you as a business owner? How fast is it? And most importantly, how secure is it?
Wireless networks to a consumer come in 2 main bands. The 2.4Ghz band and the 5.0Ghz band.
Both bands need to be deployed based on your ultimate goal. Let eTor Networks help you plan your wireless deployment with some of these notes:
– 90% of the wireless networks out there are operating in the 2.4Ghz range
– Limited number of channels available (14- depending where in the world you are)
– Large coverage area
– Most devices (mobile phones, laptops, scan guns, etc… support this range)
– Speed is fair enough for the average user
– Fairly new technology
– Large number of channels available (74- depending where in the world you are)
– Fairly large coverage area, but less than 2.4Ghz
– Your device must have a 5.0Ghz wireless card to pickup on the signal
– Speed is where this band shines! Speeds are often faster than what a wired internet connection can provide. Some pushing close to 2GB per second!
Security is the next thing you as a business owner will need to make a decision on.
Do you want your corporate network accessible through your wireless network?
Should you implement a guest network that only allows access to the internet?Do you have sub-tenants in your office that you need to keep isolated?
These are all questions that need to be answered before proceeding with a deployment.
eTor Networks has helped hundreds of businesses successfully deploy wireless networks in many different settings. From simple office networks, to wireless networks that link multiple offices as far as 382KM! All through wireless technology.
Some of our recent deployments:
Restaurant Setting
Restaurant owners wanted to offer their guests free wireless internet. eTor Networks was able to setup a hotspot for them that allowed the owner to view how many visitors were signing on, and how many of them were unique. When the guest connects to the hotspot, they are presented with a promo code that can be used at the time of their order.
Warehouse setting
A large distributor of LED products had the need to allow order pickers to scan on the go. A solid wireless network designed by eTor Networks linked back into their ERP system got the job done! Total coverage space was over 150,000 square feet!
Long Range
Warehousing and logistics company expanded operations and bought a second warehouse approximately 15 KM away from their first location. Using specialized wireless technology eTor Networks was able to link the two locations at just under 500MBPS through a wireless link! The client saved on purchasing hardware for a new network, cabling, and a second internet connection!
eTor Networks is managed services provider located in Toronto, Ontario.  We specialize in helping small & medium businesses achieve their IT goals.

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