Toll-Free Numbers

eTor Networks can provide your business with Toll-Free Numbers to provide to your client’s calling in from out of your dialing area code. Toll-Free Numbers can be linked to any service you need such as- a direct extension,conference room , a fax, or auto attendant

Toll-Free Numbers

Vanity Toll-Free

Looking for a Vanity Toll-Free Number?eTor Networks has them!Market your business with a toll-free number that relates to your business name, products, or services.Example of a vanity toll-free number1-866-898-ETOR (8367)

International Toll-Free

If your organization does business around the globe, eTor Networks has the ability to provide you with International Toll-free numbers from over 75 countries.Provide your client’s in China, Australia, the UK, and many other countries- a toll-free number in their geographical area to call into. This number can then again be linked back to any destination you would like.

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