The eTor Networks Auto Attendant phone system for small businesses comes with many powerful features that will give your organization a more professional image. We provide automated attendant phone answering services for small businesses to communicate effectively with existing customers, and project a quality image for prospective customers. The professionally recorded outgoing greeting gives your company the appearance of a Fortune 500 company, whether you have two employees or two hundred.

Each virtual automated attendant system extension can transfer calls to an office line, a home phone, a cell phone, or a VoIP phone, allowing you to take important business calls no matter where you are. The automated attendant phone system helps connect your staff no matter where they are located. Can’t take a call right now? You can also send the caller to an automated voicemail box.

Business Tip: Even if your business is small, you can create the appearance of a large company with multiple departments. Simply create extensions that route to a single location.

Features of Auto Attendant

Allows you to record a custom greeting and menu with up to 10 options for callers to self-direct their calls through the touch-tone keypad to reach the right individual within your business.
Background uploader for 5 areas
You can create your own employee directory using the free Voice Manager portal so callers can search people by name as another option for call navigation.
The free Voice Manager Web portal also lets you manage your Auto Attendant options 24/7 so you can easily update your menus as needed.
Save money on voice messaging costs since a basic voicemail box is included with your Auto Attendant option

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