Why Virtualize Your Servers?

Why Virtualize your servers?

Virtualization offers businesses great benefits to any business who deploys this technology into their IT setup. eTor Networks will help you discover virtualization and why this technology is the wave of the future in computing.

What is Virtualization?

In the past, businesses would dedicate 1 server for one purpose only. 1 server for their email server, 1 server for their file server, 1 server for their database server, and so on.
By virtualizing servers, you have the ability to consolidate all your servers into 1 physical server (assuming you have the resources in this server). At any given time, servers are only utilizing 30% of the CPU processing power they have the ability too. By sharing your resources, you are able to run multiple servers on the fraction of the hardware.
Simply by cutting down on the amount of servers at your office, you have the potential to save thousand’s on just the hardware.


With physical servers, it was only possible to backup the data on any particular server. If you ever experienced a hardware failure, you would have to purchase a new server, rebuild the operating system, and restore your data from a backup (hoping it was backed up correctly). This could mean days of downtime for your business.

Virtualization technology allows you to not only backup the data on your server but to backup the entire server its self! If a disaster occurs, you simply point to the backup, and start your server on a new machine! All this can be achieved in minutes!

Off-Site Backups

Gain another level of redundancy by using the eTor Networks off-site backups for your servers. Leverage the investment we have made into our data center infrastructure to use it as a fail-over site for your servers!

Every night, a backup of your servers would be transferred through an encrypted, secure connection back to our data centers. If you ever have a disaster at your office or hardware failure, eTor Networks has the ability to turn on your servers within minutes! Get a bullet proof backup solution that simply works!

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